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What to Know When Buying a House in Mission del Lago in San Antonio

Mission del Lago in San Antonio is a luxury community that offers exceptional living. They have something for everyone, from an amazing golf course to the best in healthcare and living areas. The Mission DelLago Golf Course has been rated 5 Star by Golf Digest since it was built in 2000. Mission Del Lago was built in the early 1960s by developer James T. Vaughn, who also developed Mission Viejo and several other master-planned communities. It is located off of IH 10 East near San Antonio, Texas. The community has over 4,000 homes that are all custom designed with open floor plans and private yards for a very low density feel to it. This can be seen from the large amount of green space around each home which provides residents with plenty of room for outdoor activities such as hiking or biking through nature trails while still feeling like they're on their own small estate. The community's location is perfect because it has easy access to downtown San Antonio via IH10 eastbound and you'll never have to The mission del lago in San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful example of Spanish colonial architecture. It was built on the banks of the San Antonio River and is one of six missions that were founded by Franciscan monks in early 1731. The mission's heyday lasted from 1756 to 1845 when it became a military outpost and later an Army base during World War II. Today, it has been restored and offers visitors a glimpse into life before modern conveniences like electricity and running water were available.