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Things to know before buying a house in Braun Station West Texas

Braun Station West is a small town that lies in the heart of the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. The population consists mostly of Hispanic, Native American and African American people. Braun Station was originally settled by German settlers who migrated to this area in 1896. These original settlers were so impressed with the fertile land and abundant water supply that they named their settlement Braunfels after their hometown in Germany. It's easy to see why these early pioneers settled here - it's because Braun Station has an abundance of natural resources. Braun Station West has experienced significant growth in recent years. The population of the city has increased by more than 50% since 2010, and it's predicted to continue to grow. If you're looking for an affordable place to buy property, Braun Station is worth considering! Braun Station West is a gorgeous place to live. It has panoramic views of the countryside, fertile land for growing crops and cattle, and plenty of fresh air. This tiny town offers something for everyone!