Co-founder & CEO – Great Agent

Jasper Juhl

Jasper Juhl, a contributing writer at Better Estimate blog, is a CEO and founder of Real Estate CRM software, which provides brokers with an easy-to-use platform for managing their entire sales process. After years in the industry working on his own personal real estate startup he founded this company to better serve brokers and agent’s needs, who were looking for something more than what other platforms had offered.

Jasper Juhl, a Danish-born entrepreneur who has never known anything other than success in business. He worked for IBM managing the tech company’s oil and gas accounts before moving to Austin in 2012 with one goal: starting his own company!

The idea behind the company product came to him while he had tough experience buying a house. Jasper wanted an opportunity to create and grow something from start-to-finish with no major hitches along the way.
Being a talented businessman, Jasper realized there was demand among both buyers and agents alike for software designed specifically around matching them up using algorithms and machine learning. This Real Estate CRM Software, named Great Agent, was launched in January 2015 and has been getting great reviews from real estate agents nationwide for its ability simplify the process of screening prospects while also saving time on calls with clientele looking only at homes they can buy but not afford–a problem that affects many Americans today due primarily too high housing prices outside major cities where jobs offer more opportunity than wages do; however no matter what type you’re interested in buying be sure your info’s accurate before filling out any forms.

Realtors often solicit contact information from interested buyers through online forms but many people who fill out these fields are either not serious about purchasing or provide inaccurate data leading to trouble determining true intentions of those filling it out – this can be especially difficult with screening an endless stream like today’s housing market! It’s time we find new ways and means at identifying prospects before someone wastes too much hard-earned money on something that may turn into nothing more than another statistic (like so many others).

Software for the real estate industry is a competitive realm. Juhl describes his approach as being different from other competitors in this regard by not solely relying on the volume of lead generation, but based on finding quality leads. Jasper defines the target audience of his software in the way that it’s not suitable for any agent, he only targets smaller real estate teams of two to five agents. Juhl says his premium platform was made specifically with these types in mind. “We don’t want everyone jumping on board at once or else it would be too much work managing all those people,” The goal now may well simply come down to deciding which features are most important – because nothing can replace individualized attention when you need professional help.